Frequently Asked Questions2021-08-30T10:15:11-04:00
How Much Is Tuition? Is There A Sibling Discount?2020-06-17T09:55:42-04:00

For complete details, please visit the MACS website.

When Can I Apply For Next Year?2020-06-17T09:56:27-04:00

For complete details please visit the MACS website.

What Age May Children Start Kindergarten?2017-09-11T12:23:12-04:00

Children must be five years on or before August 31.

Does The School Provide Transportation Or Bus Service To/From School?2020-06-17T09:57:10-04:00

For complete details, please visit the MACS website.

What Is The Maximum Class Size?2017-09-11T12:23:39-04:00

Maximum class size for Kindergarten is 25. Maximum class size for 1st and 2nd grades is 27. Maximum class size for 3rd through 8th grades is 30.

Are The Teachers Certified?2017-09-11T12:23:48-04:00

Teachers are certified through the state of North Carolina, and participate in professional development to renew their licenses.

Is St. Mark Accredited?2020-04-02T08:04:35-04:00

Yes, St. Mark is accredited through AdvancEd: Cognia. St. Mark Catholic School and the Diocese of Charlotte completed the process with accreditation valid through 2024.

How Often Do Children Go To Mass?2020-04-02T08:05:20-04:00

There are All School Masses every other week with plans to increase that to every Wednesday in the coming school year.

Can Parents Volunteer At St. Mark?2017-09-11T12:24:10-04:00

Of course! We have numerous opportunities for parents to volunteer in our school. Before volunteering, you must take the Protecting God’s Children Workshop. A list of many of our Volunteer Opportunities is available in the PTO section of the website.

How Are Lunches Handled?2017-09-11T12:24:17-04:00

A hot lunch is available for purchase each day, with one-week advance ordering. Lunch times are as follows:

10:34 – 11:19 Kindergarten – 2nd grade
11:21 – 12:06 6th – 8th grades
12:08 – 12:53 3rd – 5th grades
Recess takes place on the field and playground after lunch periods.

What Specials/Electives Are Available?2017-09-11T12:24:32-04:00

Below you will find a listing of courses offered. For a complete list of electives offered see our academics page.

Physical Education
STEM (Learning Enrichment Activities Program)
Study Hall
Honors Chorus
Broadcast Journalism


What Are The TerraNova Tests And When Are They Taken?2020-04-02T08:09:22-04:00

The TerraNova test is a series of standardized achievement tests used in the United States designed to assess K-12 student achievement in reading, language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, vocabulary, spelling, and other areas. The test is typically given in early October.

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