At St. Mark we are dedicated to providing opportunities for all of our students to participate in athletic programs. Our athletic programs run throughout the school year and include both middle school and recreational sports.

Middle School Sports
Football (boys, grades 6-8)
Varsity Soccer (boys, grades 6-8)
Junior Varsity Soccer (coed, grade 6)
Volleyball (girls, grades 6-8)
Cross-Country (grades 6-8)
Cheerleading (grades 6-8)

Recreational Sports
Lion Cub Flag Football, (boys and girls, grades K-5)
Lion Cub Field Hockey (girls, grades 1-5)
Soccer (boys and girls, grades K-8)

Middle School Sports
Middle School Basketball (boys, grades 6, 7, and 8)
Middle School Basketball (girls, grades 6, 7, and 8)

Recreational Sports
Lion Cub Basketball (boys and girls, grades K-2)
Basketball (boys and girls, grades 3-8)

Middle School Sports
Baseball (boys, grades 6-8)
Varsity Soccer (girls, grades 7-8)
Golf (coed, grades 6-8)
Tennis (coed, grades 6-8)
Lacrosse (boys, grades 6-8)

Recreational Sports
Lion Cub Lacrosse (coed, grades K-2)
Lion Cub Volleyball (girls, grades 3-5)
Soccer (boys and girls, grades K-8)
Lacrosse (boys and girls, grades K-6)

St. Mark Athletic Association

St. Mark Athletic Association (SMAA) is a parent-run, volunteer, organization that supports and administers all of the athletic programs at St. Mark.

Families are encouraged to support St. Mark athletics by giving of their time and talents as volunteers, as well as through membership. SMAA membership includes:

  • Discounted sports participation fees
  • Free admission to all home games
  • Discounts on both uniform-approved and team spirit wear apparel

Lion Pride

With Catholic values at the heart of St. Mark athletic programs, our Lions learn about leadership, teamwork, and sportsmanship.


St. Mark Catholic School competes in the Piedmont Charter Athletic Conference, Junior Piedmont Athletic Conference, Queen City Athletic Conference, and Mecklenburg Cabarrus Lacrosse Conference.


St. Mark has won more than 30 championship titles in the past 15 years.


We strive to become the best school for your child and welcome the opportunity to help you as you begin learning more about our school.

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