This month we will

o   Learn the letter Jj, Ee, and Hh as well as review cvc words with medial a, i, and o.

o   Learn new popcorn words: said, good, she, all, he, no.

o   Review popcorn words and use them in journal writing.

o   Numbers 0-75, tally marks, counting by 5s and 10s, and sequencing.

o   Continue our discussion on Lent and doing good deeds. Learn about St. Joseph.

Upcoming Events

Monday 3/16- pajama day

Dollar raffles for JDRF begin

Tuesday 3/17- Green tops/uniform bottoms

Wednesday 3/18- Pretzel day

Inside out clothing day

Thursday 3/19- St. Joseph’s Day celebration

with dad in classrooms.

Crazy sock day

Friday 3/20- Blue shirt and dress down bottoms

JDRF walk, kindergarten time is


Thursday 3/26- ½ day of school

Friday 3/27- No School, Professional day

Wednesday 4/1- Kindergarten egg hunt

Report cards come home

Thursday 4/2-4/12- No School