The Inside Scoop

Important Dates:

  • January 24 – Second Quarter Ends
  • January 27 – Half Day
  • February 1 – All School Mass – Full Uniform



  • Learning about Land and Water EcosystemsUnderstanding the Interdependence of Plants and Animals with their ecosystems
  • Moving onto Genetics and Human Body Systems next
  • Using – each student has a log on to explore at home



  • TEST on Baptism Wednesday, January 25 (a study guide will be given out for the students to complete – needs to be brought to school completed by 1/24)
  • Moving onto the Sacrament of Confirmation
  • Missions Due: January 27, February 10, and 17(Handed out Monday, Due Friday)
  • PRAYER TESTS: Prayer for Priests February 24                 



Language Arts:

  • Vocabulary: Unit 7 Test- Friday, January 27
  • Writing: “Interrupted Journey” sea turtle research unit
  • Grammar – Verb tenses and Contractions



  • Read 20 minutes each night Monday through Thursday
  • Sticky notes due Tuesday through Friday (students have a sheet with details on this)
  • Novel Study: The Watsons go to Birmingham – 1963 by Christopher Paul Curtis
  • Book Project Due: Friday, February 3



Social Studies:

  • Beginning our study of the Revolutionary War
  • Students will be researching and participating in a simulation where they will assume the role of colonists – Should be a fun learning experience!



  • Beginning Fractions-we will spend a lengthy amount of time on this
  • Please encourage your child to practice fractions at home, helping with recipes or playing computer or iPad games with fractions
  • This is our largest concept this year – it is important to reinforce the concepts at home


**Remember to send in a healthy snack with your child each day-fruit, vegetables, cheese, crackers, etc.-

No candy, cookies, or potato chips please. **